7th Grade Math Games

Are you looking for free 7th grade math games? The activities provided on this website are designed to reinforce math concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Show off your math skills by playing these cool games!

Adding Integers Game

This is a fun math racing game about adding integers.

Integers Math Game (New)

Destroy lots of virtual monsters when playing this fun and interactive game about integers.

7th Grade Halloween Math Game (New)

In this exciting 7th Grade Halloween Math Game, students calculate percents, the whole, and the part as they develop percent proportions. Play this fun, online Halloween math game and practice your math skills to destroy a lot of monsters. For each correct answer, you will enter a bonus round where you can earn points by smashing monsters.

Subtracting Integers Game

Another exciting math racing game about subtracting integers.

Unit Rate Halloween Math Game (New)

Play this exciting Halloween Math Game to determine unit rates.

Concentration Integers (iPad compatible)

Match addition and subtraction problems with the correct integers in as few attempts as possible.

Multiplying and Dividing Integers

What grade can you get? Sharpen your math skills about integers by playing this fun game.

Operations with Integers

Review the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers when playing this cool jeopardy game.

Adding and Subtracting Integers

This is an interesting Math Pirate game about adding and subtracting integers.

Absolute Value Millionaire Game

Play this fun millionaire game about the absolute value.

Writing Algebraic Expressions

Play this attention-grabbing millionaire game about writing algebraic expressions.

Solving One-Step Equations

Play this fun basketball math game alone, with a friend, or in two teams.

One-Step Equations with Addition and Subtraction

This is an exciting soccer math game about solving linear equations.

One-Step Equations - Math Basketball

Play another fun basketball math game about solving one-step equations with addition and subtraction.

Changing Fractions to Percents

In this concentration game, students will match different fractions with the equivalent percents.

Measuring and Classifying Angles

Fun jeopardy game about angles. It can be played alone or in teams.

Coordinate Plane Game

Interesting game about locating points in the coordinate plane and identifying the coordinates.

Coordinate Plane Game

This is a fun basketball game about the coordinate plane.

Coordinate Plane Jeopardy

Fun jeopardy game about the coordinate plane. It makes an excellent classroom activity.

3D Shapes Game (Concentration)

In this concentration game, students will match pictures of three-dimensional shapes with the correct words. If there is a match, the problems remain on the page; if not, the cards are turned over.

7th Grade Algebra Review

Another interactive jeopardy game that 7th graders can play at the end of the year as a review activity.

7th Grade Numbers and Operations Review

Students can play this cool jeopardy game to review operations with rational numbers and important facts about absolute value.

Equation Word Search

This is an interactive word search game that students can solve directly on the computer screen. It helps them memorize important vocabulary words related to solving equations.