Math Vocabulary Games

Math has its own fascinating language. Kids everywhere need to learn the important math vocabulary words in order to be successful in school. These math vocabulary games are designed to help students everywhere learn the correct math terms and definitions in English.

The games on this webpage are designed to reinforce important math vocabulary terms and definitions for K-8 math content.

1st Grade Math Vocabulary Game
1st grade students can demonstrate their math vocabulary knowledge by playing this game.

2nd Grade Math Vocabulary Game
This is an interactive game that elementary students can play to review important math terms.

3rd Grade Math Vocabulary Game
Get students excited about math by inviting them to play this fun math vocabulary game.

4th Grade Math Vocabulary Game
How many 4th grade math words can you unlock? For each term, you have a time limit of 1 minute.

5th Grade Math Vocabulary Game
Test your math vocabulary knowledge by playing this fun 5th grade vocabulary test.

Geometry Vocabulary Game
When playing this game, upper elementary and middle school students will identify a variety of geometrical terms based on given properties and/or definitions.


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