2D Shapes Game (Concentration)

In this 2D shapes game, students will click on two cards at a time to match the picture of a two-dimensional shape with the correct word that defines it. If there is a match, the figure and its name will disappear from the page; if not, the cards will be turned over.

Do you know the vocabulary words for different two-dimensional shapes? How fast can you solve this puzzle? This concentration game can be played on computers, iPads, and other tablets. You do not need to install an app to play this game on the iPad. Have fun matching two-dimensional figures with the correct words!

2D Concentration Game

The game is based on the following Common Core Math Standards:

CCSS 3.G.1
Understand that shapes in different categories (e.g., rhombuses, rectangles, and others) may share attributes (e.g., having four sides), and that the shared attributes can define a larger category (e.g., quadrilaterals). Recognize rhombuses, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals, and draw examples of quadrilaterals that do not belong to any of these subcategories.

CCSS 2.G.1
Recognize and draw shapes having specified attributes, such as a given number of angles or a given number of equal faces. Identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes.

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